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A big wedding just doesn’t seem right for you? I get it…

  • You don’t enjoy being the center of attention
  • You don’t want to deal with the pressure & expectations
  • You don’t want to plan a party for everyone but you

“An Elopement was the best decision ever.”

Literally me, Nico (I eloped to Sweden)

Why don’t you have this instead?

A wedding day you actually enjoy

by ditching traditions and focussing on what makes you unique

What you gain with an Elopement:

*The ability to be yourself*

Of course, the world tells you otherwise: “Invite 150 people (including your parents gardener, who’s been so nice when you met him once in 2012), spend a fortune on a ball room and make sure everyone’s satisfied.”

Nah, this ain’t it, right?

But this is:

  • a wedding that reflects who you are
  • a day full of adventure and pure joy
  • an anxiety- & stress-free planning process
  • stunning photos to remember it all

An Elopement is the modern alternative to a big, traditional wedding and by far the most intimate way to get married. Instead of focussing on the guest experience, it’s a wedding day that focuses entirely on you as a couple.

You get to enjoy an authentic day in an incredible location anywhere in the world, crafted together with a lot of intention to ensure you feel truly comfortable.

1. An Elopement doesn’t have to be for just the two of you. Want to bring a few guests? Simply bring a few guests.

2. An Elopement is not a full-day photoshoot, don’t worry. It’s more like a few tiny photoshoots scattered throughout an amazing day with incredible views.

3. You can of course also legally marry at your Elopement. Or you choose to rather have a symbolic ceremony instead and keep the legal stuff at home, which is often much easier.

A couple dancing on their Elopement Wedding in Ireland

So may I introduce to you:

My calm & laid back approach to Elopement Photography

Because none of this should stress you out!

A portrait of a Europe Elopement Photographer in Sweden

Who I am & what I do for you:

Finding joy in stillness

I’m slow in a fast paced world. A fellow introvert who’s his best when there’s no rush, no hurry and no need to check the time.

Which is why I enjoy Elopements more than anything AND why I had one myself.

With me by your side, you’ll 100 % find the space to truly experience this incredible adventure and always have a moment to breathe and refocus, carrying all of it within you forever.

I’m also co-planning your whole Elopement with you!

  • providing all your planning resources
  • location research
  • creating your Elopement timeline
  • vendor & activity recommendations

Your Elopement journey in 3 easy steps

A bridal couple in a garden in Barcelona


Now we create your perfect Elopement experience together. This easy & seamless process includes a custom timeline for a wedding day you feel truly comfortable with.

I assist you with absolutely everything and after another call or two we’re already done and ready to go.

A bridal couple in a suite and white dress in front of a waterfall in Iceland


This was easy, wasn’t it? Now it’s time for you to adventure and have the time of your life! Your Elopement will be 100 % unique and unforgettable. Time for a day full of stunning views, laughter and joy.

Of course I’ll capture it all for you so that your memories of it last a lifetime.

You deserve

Images that show the real you

and allow you to relive your Elopement forever

(which also happen to be awarded as some of the world’s best)

Here’s what hiring me feels like:

Over 70+ five-star-reviews

Bridal couple under a tree on Madeira on their Elopement Day

“We’re speechless!”

We are overjoyed that Nico captured our Elopement on Madeira. Nico is such a wonderful person and we immediately felt comfortable with him.

The photos simply left us speechless. He captured our emotions, countless details and the atmosphere perfectly. […]

It has been an emotional, adventurous and unforgettable journey which we can only highly recommend to any other couple.

– Annie & Johann

Photo of a wedding couple out in nature

“Sense of calm and serenity”

I never could’ve imagined that this intimate feeling that you have for each other could become visible in photos.

I’ve never seen myself laugh so heartfelt and honest in photos without ever worrying about what I might look like. There wasn’t any hesitation and not a single second of feeling uncomfortable. […]

Nico, I truly want to thank you for everything that you’ve created for us!

– Ellen & Steffen

A couple on their Elopement Day in Ireland

“Attention to detail”

Nicos inner calmness is something that instantly makes you loose any tension and nervousness in front of the camera.

Thank you Nico for this wonderful time in Ireland, your photos and your attention to detail that captured all our emotional memories for us for ever!

– Katha & Philipp

So what do you say?

Let’s go!

You don’t need to have it all figured out yet, don’t worry.

Just drop me a message and I’ll get back to you within 48h. I can’t wait to hear from you, learn about your plans and make them become reality for you.

You can of course also fill out this form in German if you like!

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A bridal couple in a Nationalpark in Sweden on their Elopement Day